Saturday, January 12, 2002

What is Pho ?

Pho, the Vietnamese Noodle Soup ...

Tasting nutritious food in a very delicious way!

Pho has been famous for its taste and at the same time, appreciated as a wholesome, nutritious meal. It has all the qualities a health-conscious eater would look for: fresh, natural and ... always, delicious! To appreciate Pho requires more than just loving to eat it, one would need to "know" everything about its preparation. What makes authentic Pho so stimulating is quite simple: long hours of simmering the choicest beef produces a broth that maintains its full and rich flavor, which is delicately seasoned with seven different types of natual spices to give an aroma and taste that can only be described as ..... irresistible!

Pho provides a delicious one-dish meal for your breakfast, lunch or even dinner. You will be served a bowl of light-bodied broth ladled over your choice of beef, accompanied by fresh rice noodle and garnished with coriander and onions. Basil leaves, bean sprouts and green peppers are optional to your liking.

One PHO HOA customer, who also happens to be a food critic, has said: "...enjoying a bowl of Pho produces a smug feeling of having partaken of something as healthy as it is delicous...".


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