Saturday, January 26, 2002

The Hunger Site : Give Food for Free to Hungry People in the World

Every 3.6 seconds, someone dies of hunger. 75% are children. You can make a difference. Visit the Hunger Site every day and donate cups of food for the world's hungry -- at no cost to you.

When you click on the "Give Free Food" button on the home page of The Hunger Site, funding is generated for the purchase and distribution of staple food to those in need. Funds are paid by site sponsors. In 2000, daily clicks yielded over $3.4 million for the frontline hunger relief organizations working to provide food and hope to the hungry around the world. That's over 20 million pounds of food made possible by people like you, who simply took a moment to click a button each day.

The Hunger Site helps people in most desperate need; earthquake victims in El Salvador, those left adrift in war-torn Eritrea, families on the brink of starvation in drought-stricken North Korea, and many more. Right now, in response to the September 11th tragedies, our partners Mercy Corps and America's Second Harvest are using funding from The Hunger Site to provide food, water and health services to Afghan refugees in Pakistan and to support those in New York left unemployed and needy in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.

Please make visiting The Hunger Site part of your daily routine. The number of people clicking on the "Give Free Food" button directly ties to the amount of food that goes to the hungry. Thanks for your help!

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