Tuesday, April 09, 2002

You Shouldn't Diss His Word, Either...

I had heard about The Black Bible Chronicles when they were published almost 10 years ago. I remember thinking what a questionable idea it was, to "retell the story of the Bible in the language of the streets," but I never had a chance to see what they did with that idea. It didn't really catch on (phew!), and has been out of print for a while. But a few weeks ago I found a copy in the closeout rack of a local Christian bookstore. After flipping through this volume, I was so astounded that I had to buy it (for the closeout price of $3.97.) The back cover features endorsements from a congressman, two senators, and former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young. Richard Halverson, Chaplain of the Senate, said "The Black Bible Chronicles is superb. It makes the timeless truths of Scriptures (sic) understandable and relevant to young people groping for meaning and purpose."

Rather than commenting on what's inside at the moment, I'll include some of the actual text, the 10 commandments:

"I am the Almighty, your God, who brought you outta Egypt when things were tough." And then He told them:

"Don't put anyone else before Me.

"Don't make any carved objects or things that look like what is in heaven or below. And don't bow down to these things like they are anything heavy. Not ever!

You shouldn't diss the Almighty's name, using it in cuss words or rapping with one another. It ain't cool and payback's a monster.

Remember the day of the Almighty which is the seventh day. After you've worked six days, give the seventh to the Almighty. (Remember that the Almighty made the heavens and the earth in six days, and blessed it as right-on.)

"You shouldn't be takin' nothin from your homegirls or homeboys.

"Give honor to your mom and dad, and you'll live a long time.

"Don't waste nobody.

"Don't mess around with someone else's ol' man or ol' lady.

"Don't go 'round tellin lies on your homebuddies.

"Don't want what you can't have, or what your homebuddy has. It ain't cool."


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