Friday, April 05, 2002

Why I could never make it as an ad executive in Japan...

I've seen clips of those Japanese game shows, where contestants are forced to do humiliating things such as walking around a mall wearing diapers, or carrying around a megaphone and shouting "I was educated at public school in America!, " but I haven't seen anything quite so inexplicable to a western observer as what I saw today. I can understand eating fried flatfish by choice more easily than I can fathom what Panasonic could possibly be thinking with this advertisement. What are those helmeted children doing to those poor cats? Or are they dogs?

At first, I too thought that this couldn't be real. But whatever it's all about, it is indeed from Matsushita Electronics, and they've got a whole slew of other assorted Panasonic home-market craziness. I don't what this "Panasonic Heigh-Ho" product is, but I think I need a dose of that nice, wholesome AFLAC duck right about now.


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