Thursday, March 28, 2002

The Gauntlet of Affirmation

One year ago today I watched the Boston Marathon in person for the first time. I thought it was great how that many people had their names on their jerseys, and you could call out their names and cheer them on. Particularly as the race went on, it was clear that many people were very appreciative, and had visibly changed expressions afterward the crowd cheered them on by name. Many gave a thumbs-up, a wave, or even said �thanks�. This all led me to think about how it would be nice to set up a �Gauntlet of affirmation� where people could gather, and either line up alongside the edges, or walk through. The people walking through would wear nametags. This is something I�d like to actually try to stage, because I bet it would have a chance at catching on, and there would be no shortage of �affirmers� because so many people would be charged up about their own affirmation, and would feel great about giving it back. I don't know, perhaps this could work in the center of a diverse urban downtown, or maybe on a college campus.


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