Thursday, March 28, 2002

Hot Dogs

Someday, I'll put more of my restaurant opinions up on a page somewhere. My old list isn't that complete, and was done hastily when it was first created several years ago. For now, here are some brief thoughts on hot dogs.

Los Angeles has a few famous hot dog stands, but I think there are dogs and sausages just as good at Jody Maroni's, which is now pretty corporate, but really serves some good stuff. Try the chicken apple sausage there - amazingly healthy for something so tasty!

I've had better regional hot dog experiences in New York and Chicago, but my very favorite hot dog experience anywhere is in North Adams, Massachusetts, at Jack's, where you get good dogs (and burgers) as well as a dining adventure. Their "hungry man" contest is a nice feature as well, where if you eat the most food (at at sitting) of anyone in a given month, you get a gift certificate.

And also, for the record, I'll say that Fenway Franks are not as tasty as Dodger Dogs, even if they do have more tradition. Of course, when you factor in the street-vendor sausage outside Fenway, the verdict changes...


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