Thursday, May 23, 2002

Life is more than just your thoughts

Or why a detached, intellectualized, existential approach will always fall flat...

I don't have a big answer here for my heading, but was thinking about painting again, and how that a painting you do might not say anything that hasn't been said, but there's value in saying it. What follows are a few loose thoughts, rendered before by others, but the crude strokes of my own brush help me see the ideas.

It's easier to be a critic than a creator.

It's safer to be ironic than straighforward.

Cynics aren't going to get laughed at the way that those with lots of hope will.

I was thinking about the style of the 19th century, when someone writing about a love (or a want) would abbreviate the intended's name. I always thought that romanticized things in a nice way: "I wonder daily if C. has thought about me in even a shadow of the same way that I have about her. She's made no secret of her Lieutenant friend in Rangoon, yet when I am with her, she makes me believe that no other man exists in the world but I."



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