Wednesday, September 11, 2002

The Hue from Shore - Part 6 in a series

But Does She Remember?

It was Mindy. Of course it was she. Tim was completely shocked by how great she looked. Most of his classmates showed their ages in the typical way. She looked older to be sure, but had a grace and beauty that had deepened over time. She looked great, and radiated something beyond looks. Feelings flooded in, and the years of full and varied experience that had relegated Mindy to the recesses of his mind were swept away. He was struck.

Tim continued on his way to the restroom. He collected himself, and carefully looked in the mirror. At first he didn't see himself, he looked beyond the surface of the mirror into his past. His focus gradually returned to his image in the mirror. Tim had taken good care of himself in the past few years, and was glad he had. He looked at his hair, checked his teeth, retucked his shirt. He looked at his own eyes, and gained a calm feeling about how natural and effortless his conversation with Mindy would be. His gaze began to lose the surface of the mirror again as the business of checking his appearance concluded. He knew that he needed to go out there and talk to her soon before he retreated back into his mind.

As Tim threw away his paper towel and began to head for the door, Eric Park walked into the restroom, and immediately greeted Tim enthusiastically and began talking to him. He'd always thought Eric was a good guy, commonly referred to as a nerd, but not focused enough to become one of those Ivy League nerds who come back to high school reunions as millionaires. Still, he was a nice guy, short on social sensitivity, but genuine and without a trace of pride. Eric was starting right in to the standard updates and questions about life, family, and work, but Tim could only think about heading back outside. After a few minutes of head nodding as he waited for a chance to tell Eric he wanted to talk, but later, Tim couldn't wait any longer. Eric wasn't stopping. Tim cut Eric short, but tried to include a sincere "Hey man, let's talk later, it's great to see you." Tim wished he hadn't had that two-minute delay between his gaining composure and being able to use it. His composure was like a piece of toast that had to wait three extra minutes before meeting the butter - losing readiness rapidly.

He headed out onto the floor of the hall. He approached Mindy, and walked right up. She turned and faced him more directly. He didn't know what he was going to say, but was already much more concerned with her response than whatever he'd say. He gave a quick head up-nod, regretting the gesture as he made it, and said "Hey... I remember you." be continued


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