Thursday, August 22, 2002

"The Hue from Shore" Part 1 in a series

The Setting...

It began back in 1979, at Edina High. Tim had met Mindy in Mr. Lachapelle's fourth period art class, and was struck by her beauty from the start. She was the best looking girl in the school, much more beautiful than Wendy Milspah, Cathy Eimeren, and the overly made-up cheerleaders that the jocks lumped Mindy in with as the "hottest girls in school." Tim was surpised that she spoke to him when class was settling in, considering he was one of those guys outside the cool group, a group to which she had full and free access. A couple of sentences were all he'd exchange, because he always wanted to quit while he was ahead, before she came to her senses and snubbed him.

During class, he'd steal glances across the room at her, trying his best to make it seem like he never even looked in her direction. At the end of class, he relished those times they were working with acrylics the most, as it meant more brush-cleaning time at the sink, and a few more words exchanged with Mindy.


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