Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Here you go dude, whatever.

There's an older neighbor of mine who is a recipient of food from the "Meals on Wheels" program. His door is readily visible from my balcony, and in the morning, when deliveries are made, I'm often out and see the person doing the drop-off. I was initially surprised that it is almost always a different person every day. Later, I was surprised at the wide variety of individuals who brought the food. I wondered about the demographic characteristics of the typical MOW volunteer. Midwestern-mom types, older-but-active men, they seemed to fit. But I couldn't place the seemingly half-interested 20-somethings and the impatient middle-aged men in the mix. They didn't seem to be that into the activity, making me wonder why they even volunteered in the first place. Then I realized - there are the volunteer delivery people, and there are those sentenced to community service who are "doing time" by making these deliveries. It's gotta be more pleasant than the slammer.

"Don't these meals come with a cobbler?"
"Uhh, no, not anymore."
"You smell like cobbler!"
"Now let's not get into who smells like what."

- Homer Simpson as a meals on wheels delivery guy


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