Thursday, October 17, 2002

Along the road

I just finished a couple of days in New York City, and it was a great visit except for all the rain yesterday.

Some highlights...
- Perhaps the best duck I've had at D'Artagnan, and a new appreciation for foie gras.
- A few solid hours in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which always boggles my mind with the depth of its collections.
- Aida at the historic Palace theater on Broadway (Simone and Felica Finley were outstanding!)
- The world's superlative Reuben at the Stage Deli.
- Purchasing a Dasani from Rupert himself at Hello Deli of Late Show with David Letterman fame.
- Standing outside Radio City Music Hall as the Vogue/VH1 fashion awards let out - what a crowd (and I got a few good photos)

One important business appointment tomorrow, then it's off to Vermont for a couple of days.


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