Thursday, August 11, 2005

Expertise in 15 Clicks or Less

A short course in Podcasts

Module 1: Introduction - What they are and how to use them

Begin by learning what Podcasts are, and what makes them distinctive.

Then learn about how to quickly experience some good Podcast content.

Continue by digging deeper into content, witnessing the explosion of material that’s happening right now.

Round out this level by looking at one more portal, and perhaps exploring a little about how to create one yourself.

Module 2 - Moving from use to creation

You want to create a Podcast. The content is up to you, but you need help making sure it sounds good.

Now consider where your Podcast will be hosted.

Gain insight into some of the popular hosting solutions.

Read a review of some hosting providers with some good analysis.

The hosting question is a big one, research some more.

Module 3 - Putting it all together

Optimize that fledgling Podcast, make it even better.

Take a look at some other Podcast information sources.

If you’re serious about hosting, perhaps you’ll want to look even further into options, after all, hosting is one of the biggest decisions to make.

Then Make a full circle with a return to the source.


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