Thursday, April 11, 2002


I was trying to remember the name of a mom-and-pop Italian restaurant in Paramount where I dined regularly when I used to play hockey in Paramount. It was a special little place, with handwritten menu signs on the wall, and cooking that embodied the old country. There was good reason for that, as the proprietors would close the place several months each year, as their whole family spent the summers in Italy. Even though I'd been there quite a few times, I couldn't remember the name. I knew it was named after the youngest son, but what was it? Gino? Giovanni? Marco? The phone listings were no help, and I'd never seen this place in any restaurant directory.

So I sent a quick e-mail to my friend Gary, who first introduced me to the place, asking for the name. Gary is currently attending grad school in Tel Aviv. I had a response later the same day. The name of the place was Giovanni's, and it closed to make way for a big new retail development.

There are certainly limits to the level of community available via electronic means. I continue to explore the dimensions of communities both physical and cyber. But you've got to like being able to get quick information about a restaurant less than 20 miles from your house from a friend who is currently 7500 miles away!


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