Monday, June 10, 2002

Have a Drim and a Smile!

I'll be in Las Vegas at the end of the week, and not being much of a gambler, a particular attraction that I wish was still there is the Las Vegas location of The World of Coca Cola, a museum/shrine to all things Coke that now only has an Atlanta location. One of the things I really liked was a tasting area where you could try about 40 different Coke products from around the world, such as lychee nut soda from Singapore and bitter aperitif soda from Italy. Not only could you taste all these sodas, but because they were self-serve, you could go for the "ultimate kamikaze" and mix all the flavors together, though 40 flavors were a big challenge for palate, tooth enamel, and the dixie-size tasting cups provided.

So, no more free-for-all soda tasting and mixing in Vegas, quite a loss as far as I'm concerned. But I can dream. Coke actually has a couple of hundred brands around the world, and many of the names are quite a departure from what I'm accustomed to seeing at the local supermarket. Here's a list of all Coke's brands, and you've got to love the names. The list doesn't specify if it's soda, mixer, fruit juice or whatever else, and says nothing about the flavor. Here are ten of my favorites (all actual Coke products from around the world), which lead to many speculative guesses about the product's composition and target market.

Love Body
Magnolia Fire Chum
Master Chill
Nordic Mist
Tuborg Squash
Water Salad

Just think of the mistake I've been making all this time looking for "Master Chill" in the Rap CD section of Tower Records - I should have been looking in the soda machine out front.


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