Tuesday, November 05, 2002

NOT not spam!

NOTE - This is NOT SPAM - you posted to one of our FFA sites or added yourself to this list. This is a result of YOUR actions of posting a link, a classified ad, or adding yourself.Removal info at bottom. We have been successfully mailing to our Ezine for 15 months. We DO NOT SPAM - this is an optin list ONLY!

I've decided that I need to rant about spam about every two months. It makes me feel a little better, and helps me think of new approaches to do something about it. The quote pasted above is a tactic seen on more and more occasions these days, and I find it particularly nasty. These spammers have the arrogance to imply that this e-junk was actually requested. Note the extra added arrogance of the capitalized "...a result of YOUR actions" phrase. Scalliwags! But I don't reply. I recognized long ago that such replies just validate your address for more spam later. Hostedscripts keeps my current address from being picked off the web by spammers, but my older and still active ones are still out there and reaping a heap of junk every day. My recent try of Spamkiller for a month was unsatisfying, as I found it less useful than a few outlook rules and a quick finger on the delete key. Okay, I feel a little better.


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