Wednesday, November 20, 2002

They don't come with both.

Today I had lunch with a good friend and the discussion touched on candy bars. Not just the superficial aspects, but the deeper philosophical implications. Here's how it went:

1. Everyone (at least everyone who's watched a lot of advertising) knows that Almond Joy has nuts, and that Mounds don't. (note that phrasing is directly from ad campaign, I always thought "Mounds" wasn't really plural...)

2. Not everyone knows that Mounds feature(s) dark chocolate, while Almond Joy uses a milk chocolate coating.

3. Some people prefer nuts, some no nuts.

4. Some people prefer milk chocolate, some dark.

5. There is not necessarily a correlation between nut preference and chocolate preference.

6. Some people prefer nuts and dark chocolate, or no nuts with milk chocolate - combinations that are not available!

7. You can't have everything you want.

Candy imitating life.


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