Tuesday, January 21, 2003

It does get colder than this...

But that is hard to believe right now. I arrived in Providence from Orange County, California just three hours ago, and I thought I was ready for the cold. I was wrong.

Now I know that many, many people out there have to deal with real cold for months on end every winter, so I'm not intending to complain as much as highlight the contrast. As I left the front doors of the Providence airport, it only took about three seconds for me to be chilled to the bone. It was about seven degrees, with a brisk wind. Boy, that's a lot colder than the 25 still-air degrees that I experienced in November, or for that matter the 70 degree weather I've had at home for most of the last few weeks. As I prepare to head to Long Island tomorrow, I look forward to experiencing some real wind. Will my the addition of my Everest-style long underwear turn it into no big deal?


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