Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Your Politicans Need You

Yesterday was tax day, a day that many individuals bemoan. But their distress is typically solely directed at the administrative difficulties of completing their return. There is usually little concern stirred about just how much we pay in taxes. Taxes are witheld each paycheck, people never see the money, and completion of the dreaded return is the burden, often rewarded with a refund.

Since I've been in business for myself, the need to set aside money for taxes, and pay estimated payments, has changed my taxation experience a great deal. Gone for me are the days of withholding resulting in a refund, which is so far removed from your original earnings in time so as to seem like it's extra money coming in. People might know in a rational way, but practically, they forget their witheld tax is, and always was their money.

My unrealistic wish is that everyone would be required to pay their tax in cash, and that we held our elections on tax day. That's not forthcoming anytime soon, so instead, take a look today at the difference between your gross and the net earnings. Realize that the spending legislation Congress passes uses your money. There may be no political solution to the problems of our society, but we still ought to have the best government possible. Be aware of who represents you, and let them know what you think.


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