Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Free advertising?

Why would I willingly put an advertising link button on this page? (Note the Pho Bac Huynh link to the right...) Because of my love for Pho. If you don't know what it is, read this first. I want Pho to continue to catch on in non-Vietnamese circles, and be available to me when my travels take me away from little Saigon, whether I'm in Providence, Cleveland, Amarillo, Stuttgart, or Cairo. I want everybody to try the stuff, and not have the same experience I did over ten years ago when I thought it only came with beef tendon and tripe. Of course I had a mixed reaction to it then - and it wasn't until several years later that I experienced the many more palatable varieties, such as Pho Ga, Pho Chin, and Pho Tom. All delightful, aromatic, flavorful, and a rare combination of tasty, healthy and filling.

I recently was pleased to find out that instant Pho is available, but after trying some, I decided that even though it is pretty good, better than instant Ramen noodles (which isn't saying much...) , and fast to prepare, I don't want to dull my taste for the real stuff by eating the instant variety too often. I might keep a couple of packets in the pantry for post-earthquake Pho fixes, but that's all.

Here are some additional Pho resources:
What is Pho? From Pho Hoa, one of the great multi-location Pho places, as they say, "Tasting nutritious food in a very delicious way!"

A Bowl of Pho - A nice feature from the San Francisco Chronicle by Mai Pham, the owner of Lemon Grass restaurant in Sacramento. She discusses cultural aspects, history, and practical tips for enjoying Pho.

Pho 79 locations - A great place to try Pho in Southern California, with high quality and good service (unless you go there with Blake). There are also Pho 79 restaurants in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and a couple of other fortunate cities.

Pho Pasteur - Pho in Boston! This is the best Pho in New England, and even though that's an extremely easy race to win, it actually stacks up pretty well overall.

The official Pho Page - It's reassuring to me to see that there are other people out there even more into Pho than I am, and in Missouri even!

Now go out and get yourself a bowl. I'll come along.


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