Thursday, February 06, 2003

I still love ribs, really!

I'm not your organic type. I enjoy a good steak, even meatloaf on occasion. But I must admit that a surprising restaurant in Los Angeles has made a huge impression on me. I've gone to Real Food Daily twice now, and I really think the food is great. This is not at all what I would expect from an Organic, Vegan, Macrobiotic restaurant. But really - it's fresh, tasty, healthy, and leaves you satisfied. I'd been to The Source, a health food resaturant (now defunct) on Sunset that was featured (to mock the California health-food craze of the 70's) in the film Annie Hall. Real Food Daily is just as healthy as the Source was, but the difference is that the food actually tastes good! Part of the mystery was solved when I found out that this place has kinship with the renowned Chez Panisse . Try this place if you can, between cheeseburgers.


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