Tuesday, March 11, 2003

An example...

I'm realizing that I've got a lot of notes that capture the outlines of various experiences and stories that I've never taken the time to flesh out. Some take the form of bullet points, some random thought, some freewriting-style prose. Here's an example:

Late November in Massachusetts


Mother's car

gas gauge on 3/4

230 miles since fill-up

looked at gauge

cognitive dissonance

car stalls on an off-ramp

gauge on e then back up

confirmed broken gauge over hills

middle of nowhere

28 degrees

last sputter

Nephew sam waving cars down with toy lightsaber

woman sends her husband

he gets there

cops show up

cops pass time with deer hunting stories

gas arrives

follow out of town


then castle restaurant Leicester

close to welcome rest, but

slooow service

start payinng attention to the odometer!


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