Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pray for Alicia

There's a little girl, and her parents, who need your prayers. Take a minute and read their story.


Anonymous janna said...

David, thanks for stopping by my site and for your comments. I stopped by to read about Alicia and said a prayer for her and her family. Thanks again.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Tom Villandry said...

Hopefully you and Carianne are doing well. I know Mike and his wife are good friends, and that they are relying on your support in this trying time. I am sure these events are hitting a bit close to home given Carianne's advnaced state, but understand too that most of the time things go OK with pregnancies, as I am sure will be in your case.
Take care, be strong for Mike and Hechung, and give Carianne a big hug and kiss for me. Looking forward to meeting your little bundle of joy in the coming months.
Take Care

9:25 AM  

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