Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Single and

In the mid 1980's, there was an InterVarsity Press book titled "Single and Whole". At our Cal State Long Beach IV chapter's book table, that title was pretty much a joke, in the following mode: "Well Jane, if you can't find a good man, you could always read this (joker holds up book)." But the question was always left - "What about singleness, and if it's an awful condition, what's the cure?"

Kristen Knox was featured on Razormouth.com yesterday, with a very good article about singleness in the church. She makes some good points about the "fifth wheel" position singles are placed in in some church contexts. A well-written piece, and cause for reflection for a mid 30's single such as myself.

Marriage and family are a blessing, but some are called to be single, and others are called to be single at this moment in their life. I think I've finally reached the point in my life where marriage isn't hard to imagine, but with no foot currently matching the glass slipper I carry (and no mad push to beat the underbrush for possibilities), I realize it might not be right around the corner, either. That's okay, after all, Jacob met the woman of his dreams, and had to wait seven years (...plus a messy week) to be with her.

Larry Crabb has a great book titled " The Safest Place on Earth" which addresses a related issue - how the Church is meant to be a place where people all bear one anothers burdens, and encourage, edify, hold accountable, and "pull for" each other. I think that that's the kind of place where widows, orphans, and those temporarily (or otherwise) single can live whole lives.


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