Friday, January 02, 2004

The Rythym isn't Automatic

Yeah, you go a month and then go another three after an idle promise to post. It goes to show that intentions aren't worth much. Actions, though, are worth something. So I'll follow Stuart Smalley's advice and take an action. As much as Al Franken's political commentary turns my stomach, there's some wisdom in that film.

If I'd been up on even reading blogs lately, I'd know what's been said out there regarding John Dvorak's recent article in PC magzine about "Dead Blogs," wherein he notes that the Blogging phenomenon took off like a shot and then suffered from a combination of abandonment by the casual bloggers who just didn't have any drive to keep writing about how they just got back from the mall and what size socks they ended up getting, and blogs that are not blogs at all, like those for a few presidental candiates and rock groups. I realized that I was gaining eligibility for Dvorak's abandoned blog category. I don't want to be a statistic!


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