Friday, May 07, 2004


There is a delightful Japanese restaurant named Shiawase, on the corner of Harbor Bl. and Commonwealth in Fullerton, Ca. Shiawase recently re-opened after being closed for several months due to financial and legal problems with some "partners" who took the business for a ride and left them hanging. Fortunately, they were able to deal with those issues and have now re-opened. The Shinohara family, propreitors of Shiawase, formerly owned a restaurant on the outskirts of Tokyo, and bring great care and pride to everything they serve. They have some hard-to find traditional dishes such as grilled nasu (eggplant) and authentic sukiyaki. The sushi is excellent, prepared by a master who is also a sushi instructor. The beef teriyaki is the dish for those with more american taste - and it will not disappoint. This is high quallity food. The tempura is perhaps my favorite - light and airy, due in part to being cooked in the rare and light rice oil. You've got to try this place. I'd be happy to join you there.


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