Thursday, May 13, 2004

Some insight from the inside

A blog by an Iraqi dentist, Healing Iraq contains some insightful local impressions. One intersting thread to his thoughts (and the hundreds of people who've commented) is his mentioning of a sura from the Koran regarding cutting off the heads of infidels being "real Islam" (see his May 12th "Nicholas Berg" post) Later he qualifies his comment with his thought that Islam needs to leave that part of it's belief fully in the past, and that it mostly has already. Many of the comments, though, suggest that this is no different from passages in Jewish or Christian tradition. There is a difference.

I really don't have much to say about the recent Berg execution, I can only try to process it all at this point. The execution was a vile and despicable act, and makes me sick. Horrible, terrible, over-the-top brutal. Of course, a similar thing happened to Daniel Pearl, and those American contractors burned and hung from a bridge. Saddening, sickening, maddening, sobering.


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